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Today Thursday, 19 April 2018 year


Phyto-tea "GENTLE SLEEP "

Herbal Dietary Supplement
Phytotherapy of herbs, fruits, flowers, leaves, roots.
Natural product.
Promotes normalization of sleep, relieves nervous excitement, reduces fatigue. Supports gentle and calm sleep.

 Ingredients: phytoscitels of dried and crushed: leaves of melissa, peppermint leaves, rose hips, flowers of chamomile, fennel fruits, hibiscus petals, lavender grass, hawthorn fruit, hawthorn flowers, lemongrass grass, cones of hops, flowers of linden.

Method: put it in a cup or teapot for making 2 express tea bag per one person. Pour boiling water (≈ 250 mL) and leave for 5-8 minutes.
Nutritional (food) value on the recommended daily dietary supplement of 4.5 g: proteins - 0.13 g; fats - 0.06g; carbohydrates - 0.57 g
Energy value (caloric content) on the recommended daily dietary supplement of 4.5 g: 14.2 kJ (3.4 kcal).
1 tea bag 1.5 g -1.1 kcal
Form of release: 20 bags of 1,5 g.
Intakes recommendation: use like herbal dietary supplement for using in dietary intake and additional source biologically active substances, which promote: normalize sleep, relieve nervous excitement, reduce fatigue. Supports gentle and calm sleep.
Dietary supplements forbidden use like full-fledged diet. Before using you must consult with doctor. It’s not medicine.

Method of using: intake adult personals three-times per day before or after eating for 1 – 1,5 month. If necessary is you can repeat to use 10-15 days of break.

Warning: individual sensitivity to plant components, pregnant women and in lactation period.

Retain in inaccessible place or children.

Balanced diet, healthy lifestyle - your health and longevity.
With love from Nature
Your Doctor Fito



dr fito