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Today Tuesday, 23 January 2018 year

saharnormaPhyto-tea "SUGAR  NORM" 

Herbal Dietary Supplement

Phytotherapy of herbs, fruits, flowers, leaves, roots.
Natural product.
Promotes normalization of high blood sugar levels. Improves the functioning of the digestive system and the pancreas. Helps to lose weight.


 Ingredients: phyto-mixes of dried and ground fruits: beetle leafs, common juniper, rose hips, apple fruits, peppermint leaves, three-colored violet herbs, dill licorice root, nettle leaves, hibiscus petals, sage leaves, artichoke flowers, cinnamon bark.

Method: put it in a cup or teapot for making 2 express tea bag per one person. Pour boiling water (≈ 250 mL) and leave for 5-8 minutes.
Nutritional  (food) value on the recommended daily dietary supplement of 4.5 g: proteins - 0.48 g; fats - 0.09 g; carbohydrates - 1.66 g
Energy value (calories) per 4,5 g of product: 34.8 kJ (8.3 kcal).
1 tea bag 1.5 g-2.8 kcal

Release form: 20 packs (1,5 g).

Intakes recommendation: use like herbal dietary supplement for using in dietary intake and additional source biologically active substances, which promote: normalize high blood sugar levels. Improves the functioning of the digestive system and the pancreas. Helps to lose weight.

Dietary supplements forbidden use like full-fledged diet. Before using you must consult with doctor. It’s not medicine.

Method of using: intake adult personals three-times per day before or after eating for 1 – 1,5 month. If necessary is you can repeat to use 10-15 days of break.

Warning: individual sensitivity to plant components, pregnant women and in lactation period.

Retain in inaccessible place or children.

Balanced diet, healthy lifestyle - your health and longevity.
With love from Nature
Your Doctor Fito


dr fito