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Today Friday, 16 November 2018 year

 Phyto tea "DETOX"

Herbal dietary supplement.

Phytotea withdried chopped fruits, berries and leaves.

Natural product.

Helps to normalize the metabolism. Used in phytotherapy. Improvement, detoxification of the body. Purification of toxins, waste, salts. This tea restores well-being, adds energy. Counteracts poisoning and alcohol intoxication. Healthy body means clean body.

Content: phyto mix of the following dried and shredded herbs:fruits ofrúscusaculeatus, nettle leaves, fruits of hips,fruits ofredrowan, peppermint leaves, apples, fruits of aroniamelanocarpa, petalsof hibiscus.

Nutritional (food) value for the recommended daily amount of dietary supplement of 4.5 g: proteins - 0.08 g; fat - 0.01 g; carbohydrates - 1.01 g

Energy (caloric) value for the recommended daily amount of dietary supplement of 4.5 g: 19.2 kJ (4.8 kcal).

1 tea bag (1.5 g) - 3.4 kcal.

Productfrom: 20 bags of 1.5 g.

Recommendations for consumption: can be recommended as a dietary supplement for use in dietary rations as an additional source of biologically active substances that contribute to:

Dosage and recommended daily allowance: adults may drink freshly prepared and infused herbal tea before or after mealsthree times a dayfor a period of1 - 1.5 months. If necessary, herbal treatmentcan be repeated afterbreak for 10-15 days.

Do not exceed the recommended amount of daily consumption.

Caution for use: individual sensitivity to herbal ingredients of phyto-tea, women during pregnancy and lactation.

It is necessary to keep it out of reach of children.

OK, approved by the State Enterprise" O.M. Marzeev Institute of Public Health of NAMS of Ukraine"

Balanced diet, healthy lifestyle - your health and longevity.
With love from Nature
Your Doctor Fito


dr fito